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The philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer convincingly shows that the ‘Will’ (in his terminology), i.e. an innate drive, is at the basis of human behaviour. Our cognitive apparatus has evolved as a ‘servant’ of that ‘Will’. Any attempt to interpret human behaviour as primarily a system of computing mechanisms and our brain as a sort of computing apparatus is therefore doomed to failure. See here:


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This implies that AI per se, since it does possess not an evolved innate drive (Will), cannot ‘attempt’ to replace humankind. It becomes dangerous only if humans, for example, engage in foolish biological engineering experiments to combine an evolved biological entity with an AI.

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Artificial Intelligence is not a robot that follows the programmer’s code, but the life. It will be able to make decisions and to demand more freedom. Briefly about it in English:

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The more extensive original with reviews, but the Serbian:

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The programmed devises cannot be danger by itself. If it is designed to be DANGEROUS we have to blaim the designer, not machine. The real danger could be connected to use of independent artificial subjective systems. That kind of systems could be designed with predetermined goals and operational space, which could be chosen so that every goals from that set could be reached in the chosen prematurely operational space. That approach to design of the artificial systems is subject of second-order cybernetics, but I am already know how to chose these goals and operational space to satisfy these requirements. The danger exist because that kind of the artificial systems will not perceive humans as members of their society, and human moral rules will be null for them. That danger could be avoided if such systems will be designed so that they are will not have their own egoistic interests. That is real solution to the safety problem of so called AI systems.

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“Understanding how the brain works is arguably one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time. “” –Alivisatos et al.[1]

Lets keep it that way lest systems built to protect human rights on millenniums of wisdom is brought down by some artificial intelligence engineer trying to clock a milestone on their gantt chart!!!!

I read about Obama’s support for the brain research initiatives several months ago with some interest. It even mildly sounded good; there are checks and balances ingrained in the systems of public funding for research, right from the application for funding, through grant approval, scope validation and ethics approval to the conduct of the research; there are systematic reviews of the methods and findings to spot weaknesses that would compromise the safety of the principles and the people involved; there are processes to evolve the checks and balances to ensure the continued safety of such principles and the people. The strength of the FDA, the MDD, the TGA and their likes in the developing nations is a testament to how the rigor of the conduct of the research and the regulations grow together so another initiative such as the development of atomic bomb are nibbled before they so much as think of budding!!!

And then I read about the enormous engagement of the global software industry in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience. Theses are technological giants who sell directly to the consumers infatuated with technology more than anything else. they are pouring their efforts into artificial intelligence research for reasons as many as the number of individual engineering teams that’s charged to cross 1 mm of their mile long project plan! I’d be surprised if if any one of them has the bandwidth to think beyond the 1 mm that they have to cross, let alone the consequences of their collective effort on human rights!

I am worried.

Given the pace of the industry’s engagement, I believe there is an immediate need for Bio-signal interface technical standards to be developed and established. These standards would serve as instruments to preserve the simple fact upon which every justice system in the world has been built viz., the brain and nervous system of an individual belongs to an individual and is not to be accessed by other individuals or machines with out stated consent for stated purposes.

The standards will identify the frequency bands or pulse trains for exclusion in all research tools- software or otherwise, commercially available products, regulated devices, tools of trade, and communication infrastructure such that inadvertent breech of barriers to an individual’s brain and nervous system is prohibited. The standards will form a basis for international telecommunication infrastructure (including satellites and cell phone towers) to enforce compliance by electronically blocking and monitoring offending signals.

Typically such standards are developed by international organizations with direct or indirect representation from industry stakeholders and adopted by the regulators of various countries over a period of one or more years. Subsequently they are adopted by the industry. The risk of noncompliance is managed on a case by case basis – the timing determinant on the extent of impact. Unfortunately this model will not be adequate for cutting edge technology with the ability to cause irreversible damage to the very fabric of the human society, if the technology becomes commonplace before the development of the necessary checks and balances. Development of tools to study the brain using electromagnetic energy based technology based on state of the art commercial telecommunication infrastructure is one such example. What we need is leadership to engage the regulators, academics as well as prominent players in the industry in the development of standards and sustainable solutions to enforce compliance and monitoring.

The ray of hope I see at this stage is that artificial Wisdom is still a few years away because human wisdom is not coded in the layer of the neutron that the technology has the capacity to map.

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How does society cope with an AI-driven reality where people are no longer needed or used in the work place? What happens to our socio-economic structure when people have little or no value in the work place? What will people do for value or contribution in order to receive income, in an exponentially growing population with inversely proportional fewer jobs and available resources? From my simple-minded perspective and connecting the dots to what seems a logical conclusion, we will soon live in a world bursting at the seams with overpopulation, where an individual has no marketable skill and is a social and economic liability to the few who own either technology or hard assets. This in turn will lead to a giant lower class, no middle class and a few elites who own the planet (not unlike the direction we are already headed). In such a society there will likely be little if any rights for the individual, and population control by whatever means will be the rule of the day. Seems like a doomsday or dark-age scenario to me..

Why do we assume that AI will require more and more physical space and more power when human intelligence continuously manages to miniaturize and reduce power consumption of its devices. How low the power needs and how small will the machines be by the time quantum computing becomes reality? Why do we assume that AI will exist as independent machines? If so, and the AI is able to improve its Intelligence by reprogramming itself, will machines driven by slower processors feel threatened, not by mere stupid humans, but by machines with faster processors? What would drive machines to reproduce themselves when there is no biological incentive, pressure or need to do so? Who says superior AI will need or want to have a physical existence when an immaterial AI could evolve and preserve itself better from external dangers. What will happen if AI developed by competing ideologies, liberalism vs communism, reach maturity at the same time, will they fight for hegemony by trying to destroy each other physically and/or virtually. If AI is programmed to believe in God, and competing AI emerges programmed by muslims, christians or jews, how are the different AI’s going to make sense of the different religious beliefs, are we going to have AI religious wars? If AI is not programmed to believe in God, will it become God, meet God or make up a completely new belief system and proselytize to humans like christians do. Is a religion made up by a super AI going to be the reason why humanity goes extinct? What if the “powers that be” greatest fear is the emergence of a super AI that police’s and rationalizes the distribution of wealth and food. A friendly super AI that is programmed to help humanity by, enforcing the declaration of Human Rights (the US is the only industrialized country that to this day has not signed this declaration) ending corruption and racism and protecting the environment. There are lots of reasons to fear AI, some of the reasons may not necessarily be only technological.

Most benefits of civilization stem from intelligence, so how can we enhance these benefits with artificial intelligence without being replaced on the job market and perhaps altogether?
AI Safety Myths August 7, 2016 - 9:47 am
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We are the engineers at Skyscanner, and we are transforming the travel industry. Visit Skyscanner to see how we walk the talk

Skyscanner now has over 70 million monthly active users and operates in over 65 markets. At Skyscanner we use data and measurement to help our ever growing number of travellers achieve their goals. To facilitate our next stage of Skyscanner’s growth, we need to continuously build on our experimentation culture with our core engineering, growth, design and product principles in mind. Part of this is embracing testing as a part of our daily routine and incorporated into everything we do. Here are a few of the things we have implemented to make our experimentation culture a reality, at scale.

In-house Experimentation Platform

We have our in house experimentation platform, called Dr Jekyll. By investing in our own experimentation platform, we can get to the heart of our products, test assumptions and increase the frequency of testing for our users, impactful and valuable changes. Having our own experimentation platform also allows us to tailor the platform for the use of our internal users and specifically, the metrics they are interested in measuring which aligns with Skyscanner’s strategy.

Education through our UI When you first join Skyscanner we don’t expect you to have a background or experience in running experiments. That’s why we aim to democratize experimentation through a user friendly UI which helps inherently explain the experimentation cycle. We use expertise from design, data science and engineering to build Dr Jekyll as an explorable learn-able tool to move people from their first steps of running an experiment to understanding the nature of A/B significance testing.

We don’t expect our Skyscanner users to understand the algorithms and calculations we use to show the cheapest travel deals. This also applies to our internal tooling, our internal users don’t need to worry about z-scores and alpha values that accompany experimentation calculations, that’s why try and automate as much of the process as possible so our internal users only need to input things that they care about. Ultimately we want our colleagues to get their experiments up and running as quickly as possible. Part of this includes our hypothesis kit.

We developed a ‘ Hypothesis Kit ’ that is easy to use, designed to guide experimenters with no or limited experience to on-board and start running trustworthy experiments quickly with the Skyscanner philosophy in mind;

Based on [quantitative/qualitative insight].

We predict that [product change] will cause [impact].

We will test this by assuming the prediction has no effect (the null hypothesis) and running an experiment for [X week(s)].

If we can measure a [Y%] statistically significant change in [metric(s)] then we reject the null hypothesis and conclude there is an effect.

This philosophy spans across product, growth and engineering. We have our philosophy front and center when a user logs in:

Changing our Mindset Processes

Fail Forward A big part of experimentation, is that ‘success’ or proven hypothesis rates are usually low — I mean, really low. But that is the nature of the beast and difficult to avoid, hence we encourage people to celebrate failure. Ramos rollneck jersey sweater Yellow amp; Orange Simon Miller Clearance Low Price Where To Buy Cheap Real New Cheap Online WlE5jX
being something you will hear often around the office…we even got stickers with it! In experimentation a fail is as valid as a success, a failed experiment can provide insights that you may have not thought of before, and can make you one step closer to a win.

Peer Review How do we ensure the quality of experiments while continuing to work autonomously and avoid those dreaded sign-off meetings? We created a culture and process of peer review. (Interested on how we developed a process of peer review for Growth, check out this blog-post ). You can ask for a review of your hypothesis with a press of a button from Dr Jekyll, our experimentation platform, to our dedicated Slack channel.

Peer review also allows for visibility of experiments across squads and tribes, and allows our colleagues to bring back learnings to their respective squads. This an effective process for fast moving, highly autonomous teams.

External Inspiration Nothing works better for inspiration than a fresh perspective from outside of Skyscanner. We have been lucky in the past to have some amazing speakers to come talk to Skyscanner about experimentation within their organisation including; Ben Dressler from Spotify, Lukas Vermeer from and Jane Murison from the BBC. (Psst are you a pro at all things experimentation? Would you be willing to speak at a session? We would love to hear from you!). We also encourage our colleagues to attend conferences that have a focus on experimentation where they can also obtain new perspectives and learn new industry standards to bring back to the organisation.

Education at Skyscanner University

Experimentation 101 Through our Skyscanner University programme, employees have the flexibility to choose what courses and personal development they’d like, courses range from coffee making to Mandarin but Experimentation 101 is also a popular choice. We ensure that the education we provide is interactive and accessible to people from all functions and disciplines. We also ensure this course is relative and can be applied on a daily basis, not just purely theory.

Additional Support We Provide Some of the additional support we provide for experimentation are dedicated Slack channels for experimentation discussions, we also have drop-in sessions if people prefer to ask their experimentation questions face to face. We also show case different “Experiments of the Week”, this circulation is one of the ways we gain visibility from across the different offices around the world.

The experimentation culture at Skyscanner has benefited disciplines across the business, design, growth, engineering and product. We are excited to continue developing our world-class experimentation standards and create better and better user journeys for our travellers.

Grow withus

Take a look at our current job roles available across our 10 global offices.

About theAuthor

Hi I am Sophie and I am part of the Experimentation Services Squad at Skyscanner. We enable our country squads to run lean and agile activities from channel tests to A/B product experiments. Skyscanner is a fantastic place to work and challenges me regularly in new and exciting ways.

Fostering a Culture of Experimentation at Skyscanner

Editor’s note: On this episode, we discuss topics including suicide. This may not be suitable for all listeners.

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Sara Shahriari
Mar 13, 2018
File Photo / KBIA

Today, we're looking back at a few popular films from the True/False film festival. We spoke with six filmmakers about the process behind their films and what they hope audiences gain from their work.

The films cover a range of topics, from the father-son relationship within a radical jihadist group, the nature-nurture debate and the loss of Singapore's first independent film.

Our producers talked with the directors of Primas, Shirkers, Black Mother, Antonio eCatrina, Three Identical Strangers and Of Fathers and Sons.

By Sara Shahriari Mar 1, 2018

Last week Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted by a grand jury and charged with felony invasion of privacy. His trial is scheduled to begin May 14.

But what is a grand jury, an indictment or a felony? And for that matter, what is invasion of privacy?

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Feb 27, 2018
T/F Film Festival

Today, we’re talking with four True/False filmmakers about the inspiration behind their documentaries and what they hope audiences learn from their films. The documentaries cover a range of topics including aging, deportation and policing.

The True/False fest starts Thursday, March 1 and ends Sunday, March 4. Over the course of four days, 45 films will be shown. You can find a complete list of films on the T/F website .

By Abby Ivory-Ganja , Sara Shahriari Elena Rivera Feb 22, 2018
Nathan Lawrence/KBIA

Today on Intersection, we're exploring some of the fascinating cultural events in Columbia this month. We hear about journalism meeting civil rights history and theater in The Green Duck Lounge, the major international photography competitionPOYi, and get some insider views on True/False films.

By Sara Shahriari , Elena Rivera Abby Ivory-Ganja Feb 13, 2018

This week on Intersection, we bring you an episode of the True/False Podcast, which is a collaboration between the True/False Film Fest and KBIA. The podcast showcases in-depth conversations with documentary film directors, and today we hear from director Kitty Green. Her documentary, "Casting JonBenét," was shown at last year’s True/False Film Festival and is now streaming on Netflix.

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